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The rights of Phil Kendall in signing his paintings and other works of art as PK, have been asserted to him in accordance with The UK Copyright, Designs and Patents Act of 1988. 

A specimen of how my art is always signed lower left ©PK 2016

All rights are reserved by me, Phil Kendall. No images of my art on this or any other website can only be reproduced with prior written consent from me. 

But Any art student may try to reproduce any painting made by me, Phil Kendall, purely for their own personal art educational experience. That copy cannot ever be sold by them.

Any art student may exhibit their copy of my art. However it should be clearly labelled it as: "A reproduction of a painting [called xxx] originally made by the artist Phil Kendall". This label is to be attached to upper right corner on the face of their exhibit. In return please send a copy of it to me via email for the record.


A Manniot Tower, Peloponnese, Mainland Southern Greece 60 x 60 cm. 2009. Visited 1998 ©PK 2016


Please do not participate in, or otherwise encourage, piracy of my copyright protected art images here on this website, thank you.

Piracy is a term that was first used in the UK way back in 1603 for the unauthorised copying of books, or the distribution of those copied books and the selling of those copied books.

Put simply piracy means I do the work and the pirate [or copycat] claims the recognition for it. The pirate [or copycat] then gains the income that was due to me. That is they profit from my efforts.

Piracy is illegal under international laws dated 1996. A Copyright Treaty is enshrined in the Berne Convention that established WIPO or the World Intellectual Property Organisation.

Internet Internet Piracy involves taking images, or other content, from my website and then modifying that content to be, as if, their own. Then compounding the theft by publishing & passing it off on their website. Spotting this deception is nearly impossible today.

Piracy now is so deceptively simple to make. Just what is that person sitting next to you doing on their laptop or other mobile device? Home

©PK 2016 V 1712